Diving in Seydisfjordur

At the bottom of Seydisfjordur, 40 meters below sea level, sits a wreck of an oil tanker named El Grillo. The tanker was bombed out in the Second World War by a German fighter plane, on February 10th 1944. Thankfully, there where no casualties.

The wreck is about 150 meters long and weighs over 7000 tons. In 2002 the remains of the oil still left inside the tanker was pumped out following several years of leakage. Today El Grillo is free of oil and a fantastic dive site.

Depth about 45 meters – shallowest point 28 meters.

Divers need to be certified PADI advanced open water divers or carry a comparable certification from another organization to dive down to El Grillo.

A dive to El Grillo is part of ©DIVE.IS 10 day diving tour around Iceland.

You need permission to dive down to El Grillo – Contact the municipality office, tel. +354 470 2300.

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